"On behalf of my mom and family members, “thank you” for
all of time, energy and suggestions in helping to get this
project off and running. Peace and Blessings to you."

Nefertari Cutler

"Ann was a key component in the successful development of our $3 million, 27,000 SF school building in 2004. Her diligence during both design and construction kept change orders to a minimum and allowed us to open on-time and under-budget."
Dan Wagenmaker, Board Chair
Chicago West Side Christian School
"Ann you were a great asset to us with your architectural skills and knowledge. We appreciate your time and patience to help get our home project done in a timely matter. I have referred her to family and friends who also have projects.  It has been a pleasure working experience and will be in contact with you in the future."
St Clair & Janice Haywood
"Ann is the first person we call when we need a permit.  She has the experience, temperament and skill set to navigate our projects through the frustrating permit process while making the process easy on us." 
Bill Bettiga, Owner of Gable Construction LLC
"I have worked with Ann on a complex high-end residential project. She helped me to develop the construction drawing set for the most extensive traditional interior woodwork and stonework. Ann is a knowledgeable and talented professional with a great aye for the architectural design"
Yevgeniy Vellar, Certified Interior Designer
"Ann is fine architect and a fine human being. She is a talented professional."
Charles Poskanka -President of Architemps
"Ann is an intelligent, creative, highly organized architect who also happens to possess warmth and sensitivity which makes collaborating with her a pleasure."
Shelly Handman, Handman Associates
"It was my privilege to collaborate with Ann on extensive interiorarchitectural designs and shop drawings concerning an importantresidential construction project near Chicago. The resultingdrawings were extensively complete and accurately detailed inevery way. Ann’s 3-dimensional comprehension was a terrificasset to our effort in conceptualizing the elaborate configurations.I highly recommend Ann as a collaborator."
Joseph Szymczak, Interior Designer
"Ann and I worked together, both as adjunct professors in the Art & Design program at Columbia College Chicago. Ann and I taught different sections of a foundation course for Interior Architecture/Interiors students and I always found Ann to be conscientious and able to relate well with the students and other faculty. She was proactive in assembling the course material and her students benefited from her knowledge."
Ron Reed, Adjunct Professor at Columbia College
"I met Ann at a property my family was purchasing that was burdened with building code violations. Specifically the porch was a wreck. Ann presented  us with several thumb nail sketches from which we were able to visualize the finished porch. We made a decision and she drew up the blueprints. What Ann did was to take the blueprints down to city hall in Chicago and apply for the permits. Ann co-ordinated the application of the permit with our contractor and followed thru with obtaining the permit.
What makes Ann the most important person in this real estate adventure, is that my contractor left me a message telling me he was quitting the project after creating a 10 foot pile of rubbish in the yard. I was horrified! A four day effort at demolition isn't what the HUD project was approved for. For those who are unfamiliar, when you qualify for a HUD loan, you must have an inspector who qualifies to do the work with the correct type of contractors license and with the funds (real money) to perform the work first, then get approval for the quality of the work, and finally get reimbursed by the bank who is doing the disbursements. 
Good grief!  We were sitting on a black hole financially without a honest contractor. In passing, I e-mailed Ann and at the end of the e-mail, I mentioned my problem, and wistfully asked if she had a recommendation for a new contractor. SHE DID!!!! 
To make a long story short, the new contractor come in, sized up the project, an agreement was reached, and the work began immediately. Today we have 4 wonderful apartments, completely remodeled, and the back porch is being built. This has all been accomplished in the past 5 weeks. All interior work has been done during the bitter cold, and with the break in the weather the porch is going up.
What is Ann to me? She has been an invaluable resource with good and true recommendations. From the obtaining of the property+'s survey, the building permit process, and her recommendation of an reliable contractor, we look forward to a profitable real estate project that will stand the test of time. Her porch design and blueprints sailed thru City Hall in Chicago, and that isn't easy.
I whole heartily recommend Ann for all the extra effort, the outstanding quality of her work and design, and her contacts.
My whole family thanks her."
Jeanne Olson M.S., M.Ed.
Science Educator
"Ann was a core member part of a team for a complicated residential project. Her efforts were enthusiastic, thoughtful and organized, the projetct benefited from her contribution."
Michael Henning, AIA, LEED-AP
"I not only enjoyed working with Ann, but have sincere respect for her quality of work, dedication and dependability. Ann was very self-motivated and proactive in the work she accomplished at Handman Associates."

Elizabeth Dziura
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